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Jiang Guangnai former residence

Jiang Guangnai former residence

The shady garden (Jiang Guangnai former residence ) of litch lies in 5 kilometers of competent new base villages of managing area of south bar of the south of town of Humen, lean against three Taishan. Garden this with plant litchi while being wide but name, newly establish on in the period of cleaning the street salty, it is a generation of that resist against Japan Jiang LiXiang hand , grandfather of general , , Jiang Guangnai of star , create. Jiang pays attention to auspicious word and discusses the extensive region, the lucky cloud of number , the doctorate in three years in Xianyang, select to go to multitudinously and luckily, compile the Imperial Academy. One year, Jiang Guangnai grandfather room born in and stay juvenile period by garden, the youth joined the army, follow Sun Yat-sen's revolution, fight and attack illustriously . Promoted the general to in 1931, let 19 distance army's commander-in-chief. Commanded in 1932 " - · or two eight " Zhyuan Shanghai war of resistance, heavy to frustrate Japanese invader dash, heavy to shake the national strength and prestige, have shaken China and foreign countries. Launch incident Jiang inside out with Li Jishen , MingShu Chen , Cai Tingkai ,etc. will it be November 1933, go Hong Kong after the failure, is it resist against Japan activity Jiang instead to go on. Unite 19 high-ranking military officer , army of No. , set up an electric circuit Jiang instead , maintain resisting against Japan 1935. Lu Gou-qiao behind the incident , let Guangdong people is it defend oneself group the fourth district (the east American , Zengcheng , Baoan ) command committee' s General Board to resist against Japan. Assumed office as the chief of staff of the seventh region of war in 1938. Changed to a vice commandant's commanding officer in 1940. Joined and initiated and organized the Chinese Kuomintang democratic association for promotion in 1946. Elected the first member of the standing committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC) , assumed office as the minister of Ministry of Textile Industry after the foundation of the state, duties , such as central member of the standing committee of Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang ,etc.. Died of illness in Beijing in June of 1967.

   In 1930, Jiang Guangnai opened up and built an western villa-style building in grandfather's garden, the base was special, holding the ground of ground floor for the culvert type cushion of the arch, it is dampproof to ventilate. Colored hillock rock build step, railing exquisite stone carving have, the previous room under corridor, enter one drawing room both sides inside, one type two, red wall is it protect country forest to enclose, there are famous good wood of fruit , such as litchi , longan , yellow peel , sweetsop , French white yulan ,etc. inside, garden have dais, one mango dense shade such as the umbrella, the stone is built in the arch over a gate, dredge tiles and stick up the eaves, the stone horizontal inscribed board regular script: " shady garden of litch ", the couplet on the door of a pair of running hand : "Build hut who dishes of dragon lie still , question family should sneer bird all. "The foot of a mountain behind the garden, there are Mr. Jiang Guangnai's parents' tombs, on the tomb platform, is it stand 1 10 more than high " testing one's deceased mother's tablet " to sit in the north facing the south. Left side epitaph the Former Qing Dynasty doctorate pieces of Gan their write for father Jiang, right side epitaph moustache Chinese the people , senior statesman of the Republic of China , Mr. mother Jiang but book. Have six 1 of pavilion from one hundred of tablet, it is Jiang Guangnai Mr. that commemorate younger brother their Jiang only stupid and build, saying " smooth Lu Ting " in name, Jiang GuangLu is 19 distance armyman's family's regimental commander originally, it is called " the valiant general ", 19 routes of armies killed in action while fighting with Feng, Yan allied forces in regions of Shandong , Henan in 1929. " litch shady garden " " test one's deceased mother tablet " " mere Ting Lu " with belong to Jiang Guangnai's historical relic in the former residence order " now. Received and repaired again by the city , two grades of governments of town in 1987, determined as the overgrown with weeds major historical and cultural sites under state protection of market in the east, have the special messenger to manage, open to visitors, lean against third of Taishan in the former residence, south bar person who manage is it is it for the park , and draft that " smooth Lu Ting " rebuilds the plan to build to open up already.
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