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Historical site in Humen

The Opium War (1840-1842) museum
Sea warfare museum
Jiang Guangnai former residence

The Opium War (1840-1842) museum, Lin Zexu memorial museum of Humen
The Opium War (1840-1842) museum, it is collected specially that Lin Zexu memorial museum of Humen is one, display, research Lin Zexu , the Opium War (1840-1842) historical relic historical data and protecting the commemorative thematic museum that combines with ruins about the historical relic ruins. It is located in Humen of Dongguan.

  3 - 25 of June of 1981, the minister , legate of Qing Dynasty Lin Zexu destroys in public on the mouth seabeach in town in Humen of Guangdong 1,188,127 kilograms of opium of opium dealer of Great Britain and America taking over its. This heroic undertaking of burning of opium stocks in Humen beach, has upheld the noble spirit of Chinese nation effectively, have fully displayed the resolution that the Chinese people forbid the opium and strong will of resistance foreign aggression, write a brilliant chapter in modern history and anti-drug history of world of China. Before new China establish, Humen fortress in sell commandant place of cigarette set up one high about meter of monuments on " forest gentle loyal Mr. sells cigarette offices " in that year. But unwatched, sell the cigarette pool old site entirely weedily , go out of cultivation extremely . After new China is established, in order to commemorate this righteously indignant heroic undertaking of burning of opium stocks in Humen beach, commemorating this great national hero of Lin Zexu, Party and government set up Lin Zexu memorial museum in selling the cigarette pool old site in 1957. Set up " Lin Zexu monument ". 1972, because of known to all reason , renamed " people , Humen of the Opium War (1840-1842) , resist the memorial museum of Great Britain " " Lin Zexu memorial museum ", make " Lin Zexu monument " into " the people in Humen of the Opium War (1840- 1842) resist the monument of Great Britain ". This is undoubtedly an original meaning not builting the hall jointly . Then, are named in " Lin Zexu memorial museum of Humen " again in 1985, in order to be the historical relic materials of the Opium War (1840-1842) history are collected , studied better, protect the Opium War (1840-1842) ruins, carry on education in patriotism and nationality's outstanding traditional education to people, increase another " the Opium War (1840-1842) museum " of name of hall (name of two halls of now, a set of groups, a building location). In 1987, the municipal government of Dongguan took over the sand angle fort and Weiyuan fort from navy's army successively , and sand angle fort administrative institute and fort administrative institute of Weiyuan are established separately , is transfered to this hall to manage. Afterwards, remove already existing monument 1989, is it lie by Lin Zexu bronze statue with granite tablet " Humen is it take the opium monument to sell " like combine to set up.

  At present, Lin Zexu of this hall management sells the cigarette pool and Humen fort old site, is national major historical and cultural sites under state protection, the area of management is up to 500,000 square meters. Lin Zexu sell cigarette pool old site 1981 Lin Zexu for destroy Great Britain and America opium and dig, there are two pools, according to recording: Each pool vertical- horizontal 50 over, bottom of the pool tile slabstone, fence one nail the board by the pool, have set up one culvert, back an open one ditch , the wide tree bar around the bank of the pool ago. Hall two of district sell cigarette pool to excavate foundation recover tentatively in archaeological studies 1972 now, it is history of the burning of opium stocks in Humen beach that shocked the world in that year is witnessed.

  Fort old site of Humen, sand corner fort , Weiyuan fort , Jingyuan fort , Zhenyuan fort , south mountain fort , snake head gulf fort,, goose safe fort important war trace very.

  Sand corner fort lie east bank sand corner mountain of end outside the the mouth of Zhu Jiang, it establish in clear the fifth year of Jiaqing (1800 years ), in dishes of light destroy by invader of Britain for the first time one year (one year ), line smooth to rebuild , extend successively in the period of the Guang Xu one year. Extant sand corner fort mainly by sea platform frequently, face dais , fort of fishing platforming etc. make up. Sand corner fort and Humen Haikou large horn of west bank fort oblique to stand erect relatively, separated by about 4000 meters, form first line of defence of Haikou of Humen. In that year, patriotic officers and men had resisted the British invader bravely here. Will it be January 7 one year, Great Britain army intrude sand corner, 600 over officers and men brave to is it several times as much as enemy already to resist. Because ammunition exhaust, hopelessly outnumbered , is it lay down one's life for one's country Chen Liansheng father and son and most officers and men to watch over. Sand corner white grass justice tomb, soldier of section, of foot of a mountain, kill in action the multi-burial tombs of officers and men partly. It has become people and visited and pounder the heroic martyr on the past too, carries on the good place of the education in patriotism.

  Fort of Weiyuan, Jingyuan fort , Zhenyuan fort , south mountain fort,, snake head gulf fort and goose safe fort lie Weiyuan island Wushan southwest seashore in southeast separately, at the hill- side, all build , reconstruct before and after the Opium War (1840-1842). It forms the second line of defence of Haikou of Humen with the forts , such as horizontal shelf , Yongan opposite to it , consolidating ,etc.. On February 26 , 1841, provicial commander of Guangdong navy Guan Tianpei leads officers and men to resist the British invader bravely in this line of defence, die a hero's death in the fort of Jingyuan finally. Weiyuan all fort at the island although destruction of war several times, natural damage, keep relatively more intact still partly. Historical relic which these countries that the Opium War (1840-1842) museum , Lin Zexu memorial museum , Humen manage laid special stress on protecting, have abundant historical value , scientific value , military research value, it is a vivid good teaching material which carries on the education in patriotism. It is the fort building in the style of the ancients to display the building in the main building of this hall , variant reproduce in that year making Humen coast defence fort the building symbols of defence works that invadering trembling with fear among building, characteristic with distinctness.

  This display building construction area 2400 square meters. In order that " Lin Zexu bans on opium- smoking and the opium trade and displays with the historical facts of the Opium War (1840-1842) " mainly, divide eight parts: First, situation before the Opium War (1840-1842), second, opium of crime are imported, third, Lin Zexu and Guangdong banned on opium-smoking and the opium trade, fourth, Britain launches the Opium War (1840-1842), struggle in the resisting Great Britain of fifth , the army and the people in Guangdong , sixth, coastal all province army and the people resist Great Britain struggle , seventh , final result of the Opium War (1840-1842), eighth, put out strike back invasion raging fire. This piece is it pass first relevant historical relic materials of the Opium War (1840-1842) mainly to display basically, reveal military force , invader of British , invade crime of China in that year , is it reflect Chinese people hero achievement of the Opium War (1840-1842) to summarize, affirm the historical exploits of patriotic officers and men , such as Lin Zexu ,etc., extol lofty national integrity and strong patriotism spirit that the Chinese people show in the Opium War (1840-1842).

  Display form of hall this break through traditional display tactics, is it is it exhibit of sure environmental atmosphere to put historical relic to notice, adopt picture thing combine , material object combine with auxiliary showpiece , adopt scene , sand table , of photoelectric model , is it look like many kinds of means of showing etc. to seek, enable displaying the form vividly , image. If this hall is in order to reflect that Lin Zexu , Guan Tianpei blockaded the situation of Haikou of Humen with the raft iron chain in that year , send wooden anchor and an early rowing starboard tack that are collected to the exhibition room, and duplicate the big raft iron chain , with 33 meter long, high meter of Humen Haikou situation backgrounds is it combine together to draw , form one impressive, rather grand scene, reproduced with the situation of blockading Haikou of Humen of iron chain of the raft in that year vividly, have strengthened the result of the exhibition greatly .

  In order to give play to the role in education in patriotism of the historical relic better, this hall still attaches great importance to setting up a high-quality guide's team , explain for audience free. So , let full and accurate , vivid display exhibition within the hall this just, large-scale Lin Zexu sells the cigarette pool and ancient ruins of battle field of the Opium War ( 1840-1842), and a lot of solemn and stirring stories fighting the enemy and resisting invasion happenning among them, form a main window which understands China's modern history, a large classroom reflecting on the past in the light of the present , visiting and pounder the heroic martyr on the past , exciting the patriotic feelings. For many years, vast domestic and international audience has visited this hall, studied enthusiastically . This hall has made the good social benefit. Since 1990, this hall received more than 6 million audience altogether. Only last year, received 1,250,000 audience. A lot of audience receive an education deeply after visiting in this hall . A navy soldier writes on the visitor's book: " tour the Opium War (1840- 1842) museum, know history , understand history, can strengthen the patriotic heart even more ". An ordinary audience is called Sun RuoWei, he leaves a message: "After coming here to watch, mood is special and uncalm, as the contemporary young man, should remember well monument of history , make heavy contribution with one's own had light and heat for society constantly". A British guest writes on the visitor's book excitedly after visiting: " the exhibition of this museum is very touching, make ideas of people difficult to forget, I apologize to Chinese people on behalf of British people ".

  The leaders of the country and the Party attach great importance to , care about this hall . In recent years, more than 40 leaders of the country and the Party , such as the General Secretary Jiang Zemin , Premier Li Peng ,etc. have kissed and supervised this hall to inspect. The General Secretary Jiang Zemin inscribes Lin Zexu's verse for this hall : "it is careless for profit life and death not national with,because hasten its of avoiding misfortune good fortune ",write a poem on occasion two times , Premier of Li Peng , for hall, and inscribe " Lin Zexu sells the cigarette pool old site " for this hall , comrade Hu Yaobang inscribes the name of the hall for this hall . The central authorities leader fully utilizes appraisal that the historical relic materials carried on the education in patriotism and offered the height to this hall . National Ministry of Culture, personnel department jointly awarded this title of " advanced group of the national cultural work " of hall in 1991, in 1993, State Cultural Relics Bureau awarded this title of " national outstanding social educational base " of hall , in 1995, the Central Committee of the League awarded this title of " national teenagers' educational base " of hall , the Provincial Party committee of Guangdong , provincial government, the municipal Party committee of Dongguan, municipal government award this title of " model establishment " of hall respectively, 1996, six central ministries and commissions (Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Culture, national and educational committee, State Cultural Relics Bureau, altogether blue and green with central authorities , PLA General Political Department), name this hall as " national patriotism educational base " jointly, in 1997, this hall obtained the title of " demonstration base of national education in patriotism " again.
  The Opium War (1840-1842) museum, Lin Zexu memorial museum, Humen are the important base of the education in patriotism of our country.

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